I’m CaSaundra Jolliff

Intl. Speaker, Purpose Branding Strategist, Live Streaming Coach, and Creator, Producer & Host of CaSaundra Jolliff LIVE 

When you think of live streaming do you just wanna crawl under rock? I get it and I’ve got just the solution for you to gain your confidence! 

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If so, LIVE STREAMING is the perfect solution! Live streaming provides an opportunity for coaches to connect with potential clients on a deeper level. It also creates more opportunities for engagement and connection than any other type of social media marketing. Learn how to start live streaming to increase influence, impact, and income today by joining The Go LIVE Streaming Show Workshop!

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How to create a great live streaming experience

How the 5 "MUST HAVE" types of content to increase influence, impact, and engagement

About CaSaundra

I help PURPOSE-DRIVEN Women of Faith and a few Good Men 🙂 just like you who are online coaches get their PURPOSE on a PLATFORM so that they can increase their influence, impact, and income through the power of livestreaming to increase your credibility, authority, and visibility.  Launch Your Show, Grow Your Audience, and Scale Your Business to create the lifestyle YOU GENUINELY WANT! 

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Vanessa Robinson – Courageous Coach

“After working with CaSaundra in less than 8 weeks, I want from notes in a notebook and writings in a Word doc to selling my physical book on Amazon! And, I went from Amazon to speak on television, radio, and events. I highly recommend her, CaSaundra gets results!”

Lacha Hughes

Arthur Porter III

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